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All asset classes are doing well

Says that all asset classes are doing well except Bitcoin as we are getting close to the end of 2019 and also some YouTubers are still censored by YouTube. This is outrageous. I want to say a few words about this, and in fact, if you are a utuber and if you may be just started your YouTube channel, I want to show you an important.

Tool that can help you rank better in the search results. And I also want to go over to the Bitcoin CME futures chart to show you that there’s a big gap getting formed in the chart right now. Does this mean that we have to come and fill the gap Well, I want to talk about it and if you think that, that sounds interesting.

Hello guys, and welcome to the moon. My name is Carl and I are made to bring you this crazy video and Bitcoin is going sideways and it does seem like Bitcoin is currently trapped below this downward trending resistance. And, uh, I think we can see how base con has been testing this resistance. A few times and it seems like we are somehow trapped in this, um, yeah, range basically between this resistance and this support there.

This indicates that it’s possible that the bulls are too strong

And to me it seems like this resistance is more important than the, um, the 20 daily EMA. Which seems to maybe have lost some significance as we all go sideways here. However, I do feel like the fact that we did not get rejected by the 20 EMA and got another dumpier, uh, in my opinion seems to be, um, more bullish rather than bearish.

To me, this indicates that it’s possible that the bulls are too strong. And the demand is too strong down here for this EMA two to act as resistors and, and basically we’re starting to go sideways instead. But I do believe that we need to break this resistors in order for us to see anything, um, even remotely close to a bullish break here.

And as always, this is the resistance that is the most important one in the bigger timeframe, 7.8 7.9. Going over to the Bitcoin futures chart, we can see that on the daily timeframe we have yet. Another, a CME futures gap. And statistically, historically, these fill with a, uh, extreme accuracy very quickly.

So let me just show you this gap. It looks like that, and this is the daily chart, but if you go to the four hour link, okay. We can see it a little bit more clearly here. And the bottom of this gap on the CME futures chart is 7,314 approximately. So I am expecting to see this gap gets filled. And next up I want to show you this article, and this is just going to be very, very quick little walk through because.

It’s just going through five candlestick patterns and

Um, yeah, I saw this article and basically it’s just going through five candlestick patterns and, uh, this is one of the. Candlestick patterns you should take note of bullish Harami and that’s when we see a bullish candlestick form after a longer bearish Kelsey like them. Morning star is when we see this kind of a pattern form and a morning star is when we see this kind of a pattern of form.

And a Morningstar looks like this, and this is a bullish reversal candle. Here we have the tweezer bottom looks like this. If you see this at the bottom of a trend, then um, this should be a bullish reversals sign. Then we have the morning doji star. When we see something like this down at the bottom of a trend.

It really could be very good a thing too, to keep an eye on these. When you are looking at the charts, sometimes you will see these candlestick patterns. And let me just see for, can show you some examples of this. So for example, um, one candlestick pattern that I usually take a look at and take very seriously is this candlestick pattern.

When I see this, usually I feel like I want to go long. And that’s exactly what happened down here. For example. Uh, if you followed my videos back here, you know, that, um, I went long based on this candlestick pattern and a few other, uh, key metrics. For example, we had a big bullish divergence on the, um, let me just show you a quick, for example, you can see here how we had a very nice big bullish divergence getting formed.

bitcoin investment

This signal really, really took off to the upside

Um, and, uh, in my videos I was talking about the bullish diverges and the fact that on the four hourly, we are getting this very, very bullish candlestick, uh, signaling to us that we are at a bottom. And this worked out very well. This signal really, really took off to the upside and, um, this will see very, very nice trade.

So I would suggest that you go and study some of these, um, candlestick patterns. Obviously it’s impossible to, to know all of them. There are hundreds and hundreds and hundreds. But, um, yeah, the, the most popular ones can be very, very, um, useful when you analyze the charts. And next up, there are still YouTube channels that are banned by YouTube.

They are censored by YouTube. Please go over to Twitter and, uh, like this post and retweet this post for more, um, exposure. M M crypto is one of the channels that are still being banned and censored by YouTube, and this is obviously severely hurting his business. And uploading videos is the core business of a YouTube or so the lost revenue and the lost momentum.

Bitcoin, and this is not by chance

This means that I am dominating. A few keywords here. For example, Bitcoin, and this is not by chance. This is because I’m optimizing to a, to be seen whenever people search for Bitcoin. So if you go back to YouTube and scroll down to these tags, you can see these numbers here, these three, two, three. This is how I am ranking on these keywords.

So for example, number four, this video, if you search for Bitcoin, will be number four in the search results on YouTube. And if I scroll down further. Uh, this, uh, this tool will give you recommended tags. Let’s say, I think Bitcoin mining seems like a good one. I’d just click plus and then boom, it’s right there and already you can see that this video will be ranking number 18 for Bitcoin mining.

And this is not sponsored. I am not getting sponsored by tube buddy, but at the top of the description here, I will leave my affiliate link because I am an affiliate, which means that whenever you sign up here. Um, I will be getting a commission from that. And the pro version is $9 per month. If you have less than a thousand subs, it will only be half that.

Those who claim its true value is that it’s a non-correlated asset right.

Those who claim its true value is that it’s a non-correlated asset right. Every asset class in the world is rallying into the end of the year, except Bitcoin. Not sure what value this actually adds, but at least Bitcoin is meeting expectations on some things. So, yeah, the Dow Jones and the S and P and all of these, uh, stock indices, they are, they are creating huge new all time highs here as we are nearing the end of the year.

But it is interesting that Peter Schiff uses a small timeframe, uh, to, um, to confirm his view. While, of course, baseball is one of the absolutely best performing assets throughout 2020 as Bitcoin is up, about a hundred percent is the beginning of the year. So it is obvious that this is just fun. And I think we all know by now that I think Peter Schiff doesn’t even really believe his own words.

I think this is all from a marketing perspective, he’s getting a lot of attention. Uh, on Twitter and in the media for bashing base corn. And he gets it. He even gets paid to go out and talk about these things on conferences and he gets paid to, to show up as a part of a panel. So he’s just like Nouriel Roubini he basically has created a business out of being negative against Bitcoin in.

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